UC Berkeley's Campbell Hall

Berkeley, CA

  • Architect: STUDIOS Architecture
  • Contractor: Hunt Construction Group
  • Developer: UC Berkeley Capital Projects
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Campbell Hall, as seen from northeast
Credit: ©2015 Gina Phelan for Tipping Structural Engineers

This new 89,000 gsf facility has been designed to meet sustainability and energy efficiency goals and to achieve LEED Gold NC certification.

A seven-level concrete and post-tensioned concrete building on the UC campus to replace the existing seismically deficient Campbell Hall, located less than one kilometer from the highly active Hayward fault. This new facility is part of the integrative physical sciences complex that is designed to meet sustainability- and energy-efficiency goals and to achieve LEED Gold certification. The upper levels will house low-intensity laboratories, academic offices, instructional spaces, and a rooftop telescope observatory. The below-grade level will incorporate low-vibration physics research laboratories and associated support functions. Structural design includes slab isolation, non-ferrous reinforcing, and other specialized features for high-precision equipment.

Tipping was selected for the design team owing to our experience with similar multifunctional projects with complex programmatic goals. The performance-based structural design relied on an unconventional yet highly effective approach to seismic bracing and was grounded in nonlinear response-history analysis. The resulting lateral system incorporates post-tensioned concrete walls that return to plumb after a significant earthquake, achieving a cost savings of more than $400,000 ($4.50/sf) and improved performance when compared to prescriptive code design of conventional shear walls. A highlight of our design is an architecturally exposed cable-supported structural steel pedestrian bridge at the third floor, connecting Campbell Hall to the adjacent LeConte Hall. We also employed low-cement concrete mixes using slag, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the project.




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