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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At Tipping, we’re committed to becoming a diverse and inclusive workplace. We’ve created internal initiatives and working groups to ensure diversity and equity in all aspects of employment, from recruiting and hiring to promotion, compensation, and training.

Equity Working Group

In response to the events of the summer of 2020, Tipping committed to undertake a journey toward anti-racism. Employees organized an Equity Working Group to address how we might become a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable firm. 

Our three branches of the Equity Working Group—Internal Equity, Hiring Equity, and Community Outreach—work to create procedures and standards within our practice to develop an equal opportunity workplace.

Internal Equity Branch

  • Created a vision statement based on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Beloved Community, founded on the principle of agape: loving others for their sakes
  • Works on engaging the office as a whole in conversations around race, power, privilege, and oppression, seeking to integrate equity in all aspects of our work and work life
  • Conducted an internal survey to assess existing diversity and equity landscape and solicit input from staff
  • Designing a program for staff to self-assess and self-educate around issues of unconscious bias, racism, and the intersectional nature of oppression

Hiring Equity Branch

  • Examines hiring/recruiting practices and processes to combat implicit bias in candidate assessment
  • Researches and ideates ways to recruit underrepresented groups
  • Examines unintentional impacts of marketing efforts in dissuading diversity and inclusion, and offers concrete suggestions for more conscious and intentional representation of Tipping

Community Outreach Branch

  • Created a community investment allowance policy at Tipping, with the company 100% matching employee donations to organizations furthering DEI work
  • Implemented a volunteer time allowance for employees