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The way we work

Our Expertise

We’re a service-forward structural engineering firm that focuses on project goals before calculations, boldly asks the difficult questions, and leverages our deep understanding of structural behavior to meet the needs of our clients, often in unexpected ways.

Innovative Design

Instead of textbook solutions and conventional approaches, we ask deeper questions to unlock possibilities. Through ingenuity and a thoughtful application of engineering first-principles, we develop more responsive and efficient structural designs.

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Seismic Resilience

We combine innovative design and a collaborative and responsive workflow to deliver tailored, effective, and unexpected seismic design solutions that help protect our clients’ high value investments and facilitate post-earthquake operations.

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Advanced Analytics

We harness our advanced analytics’ capabilities to predict structural behavior and gain key insights to develop optimized, data-driven design solutions—creating real value for clients and building owners.

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Integrated Value

We’re hyper-focused on providing useful insights early in the design process to better inform key decisions, control cost, and minimize disruptive surprises. By internalizing project-level goals, we’re better able to help achieve them.

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Sustainable Integration

As industry leaders, we collaborate and innovate to create low-embodied energy, sustainable design solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and seek to reduce carbon output to minimize construction’s environmental impact.

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Our Story

Since 1983, Tipping has pushed the boundaries of engineering to meet the needs of our clients. We’ve spent the past 40 years using a combination of creative thinking, technical know-how, and a service-forward mindset to bring our clients’ vision into reality.

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Awards & Recognition

Our unconventional approach and practice of rigorous design thinking leads to high-performing, unexpected design solutions—many of which go on to be recognized and rewarded by the greater structural engineering community.

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