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Unlocking greater possibilities

Our unconventional approach blends creativity with technical mastery to push the boundaries of structural engineering.

Seismic Resilience

We combine innovative design and a collaborative and responsive workflow to deliver tailored, effective, and unexpected seismic design solutions that help protect our clients’ high value investments and facilitate post-earthquake operations.

633 Folsom Offices

"Tipping brought a thoughtful strategy to seismic resilience of a midcentury building carrying the load of a major addition. They added significant value through targeting performance-based improvements based on modeled analysis which gave us great confidence in the relevance of the investment."

— Brent Van Gunten AIA, Principal, Gensler

At Tipping we look at projects beyond just a transaction or a contract with an individual or group. Each problem has its own complexities, making every day exciting and a bit of an adventure.

- Mike Korolyk, Principal

Tipping celebrates 40 years

In 1983, Steve Tipping (1947-2017) founded our firm on the belief that a structural engineer’s most valuable asset isn’t simply the ability to perform calculations. Instead, he believed that a deep understanding of overall project goals and a practice of rigorous design thinking lead to the most innovative, impactful, and often unexpected, structural solution. 40 years later, we’re honored to be continuing in his path, creating structural solutions that unlock greater possibilities for our clients and community.

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Meet our People

We’re a community of diverse practitioners who are relentlessly curious and courageously creative.