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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Tipping’s employee engagement programs are designed to allow all employees to cultivate strong connections with each other while exploring their unique interests, reinforcing Tipping’s collaborative culture of creativity and curiosity.


Our cohort groups are designed to allow people of similar professional experience levels to develop stronger relationships as they navigate their current roles and responsibilities in the firm. It’s an opportunity for members to share ideas and knowledge, discuss current projects, and talk openly about technical and non-technical project challenges, work culture, career growth development opportunities, and professional events. This structure helps foster peer mentorship, collaboration, knowledge sharing and advocacy.


The Tipping Mentorship program provides an intentional framework to foster a culture of continued mentorship and career guidance for employees at all levels in the firm. Younger engineers are provided opportunities to engage in conversations with more senior staff about their personal growth, technical development, advancement opportunities, and other professional pursuits, while also giving senior staff an opportunity to interact with and learn from younger staff, build a foundation of empathy, and become better managers. The mentorships program’s goal is to cultivate relationships of trust and open communication between mentees and their mentors, providing space to discuss topics that are relevant to growth, development, engagement, and well being.


Our commitment to the ongoing training and development of all employees led us to create and sustain a coaching culture. An accredited Internal Professional Certified Coach is available to all staff, either on a case-by-case basis, or, in a formal coaching engagement. These engagements work to help participants gain greater fulfillment in their work, recognize and break through barriers to greater effectiveness, and deepen their capacity to navigate ongoing complexities and uncertainties. These coaching conversations bear fruit downstream, as coachees then extend their new ways of seeing, thinking, and questioning to their teams and cohorts.

SE3 (Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity) & SE Pathways

SE3 is a national committee that was established with the goal of attracting and retaining talent in the structural engineering profession, and to ensure that all structural engineers have a pathway to success in their careers. Tipping has been a strong advocate, ambassador, and sponsor of initiatives of SE3 (Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity) since its early inception in 2015: 

  • Tipping Project Manager Natalie Tse is one of the co-founders of this committee, which has had more than 160 contributors throughout the nation. 
  • Tipping principal Marc Steyer participated in a year-long DEI Cohort Program for firm leaders, hosted by the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC). 

Our team is committed to enhancing the pathway into and through the structural engineering profession for students and early career professionals. We are deeply involved in SE3 programming, workshops, mentorship, and student engagements, and initiatives that provide technical and non-technical resources to ease the transition from structural engineering student to professional practice.

What Do You Do? (WDYD)

The WDYD Lecture Series is an exploratory series seeking to bring about a deeper understanding and awareness of the work our partners do. These collaborative lectures/discussions aim to look beyond the borders between structural engineering and other trades in the building industry. We enjoy hearing about our industry partners’ processes, experiences, and insights on both a global and day-to-day basis. We hope that these conversations will facilitate clearer communication, more productive collaboration, and a greater awareness of design opportunities.